①Panera Bread Founder Shreds Activist Investing and Short-Term Focused CEOs

TheStreet – Brian Sozzi – Jun 7, 2018 – Panera Bread Co. founder Ron Shaich’s slide-deck title for The Deal’s annual corporate governance conference says it all about today’s climate for public companies, where a big-name activist investor seems to always lurk. ‘Building Companies of…NUZZEL

Why Panera Bread’s CEO wants you to think about your whole grain bread

Yahoo – Brian Sozzi – Oct 16, 2018, 8:12 AM – Panera Bread suggests you start checking the ingredients in that allegedly healthy whole grain bread you eat for lunch. The restaurant chain, known for its variety of breads, said Tuesday it will start disclosing the grain content of breads on its…NUZZEL

The Founder of Panera Bread Explains the Economic Forces that Led to Trump

The New Yorker – Sheelah Kolhatkar – Nov 23, 2018, 2:00 AM – The North American sandwich chain Panera Bread began as a single cookie shop called the Cookie Jar, which opened in downtown Boston in 1981. The next year, the shop’s founder, Ron Shaich, merged the Cookie Jar with a struggling French bakery called… NUZZEL ®

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