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While Wall Street took the Bezos split announcement in stride; investors watch to see if the divorce settlement affects Bezos’s control of Amazon. So long as the company is growing and returning profits, Jeff Bozos probably maintains investor confidence, though a settlement might put a dent in such RELENTLESS.COM side projects in the space exploration company Blue Origin |  Maybe not. |

As of January 2019, the creator and genius of RELENTLESS.COMhas a mission in space that launched years ago in his youth.  You might observe that it is his second mistress.  Bezos reports that the annual budget for Blue Origin | is in excess of $1B, only about 1/70 of the expected fortune he may relinquish to Mackenzie.

In numerous interviews of record (both social media and mainstream) Jeff Bezos has framed his passion for space exploration.  He may have his highest regard for this mission, maybe ranking this higher than any other love in his life: ex-wife, current mistress, even his varied other RELENTLESS.COMpursuits, of which there are many. 

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