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“Their divorce (the Bezos) will be as quick as an Amazon delivery,” said West Coast-based attorney Christopher Melcher, …

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Bezos Divorce Might Be Handled as ‘Quickly as An Amazon Delivery’

Affluence and influence will always define Jeff and Mackenzie, no matter where or when you read the Bezos chronicles about their future life. Now, Jeff and Mackenzie will lead separate, but always connected lives. Together, they will remain at the top of the 1% group in the world.

Although the Bezos divorce is a fait accompli, speculation abounds about asset division between the couple: Amazon, Washington Post, Blue Origin, or Bezos Expeditions, all of these or none. Lawyers and financial planners will gain lucrative compensation sorting this out. The final division of wealth between the Bezos’ will make for continuous chatter and commentary, some of which follows here.

There is mindful conflict in determining whether written rumination about the Bezos divorce is palatable, not because the story redux is elusive or sensational but because one struggles to understand it without mining psychological clues.

Granted, a certain confirmation bias is at work, the belief that the life of one Mackenzie Bezos—one half of the richest couple in the world, partner to a man who remade retail, refashioned labor norms, even capitalism itself, and upended the mega-industry that publishes books—just has to be a victim with a powerful story to share. Surely she would draw on such rich material as she scripts her next book. She is probably doing just that.

While many within and outside their world are providing social media fodder about the Bezos breakup, the couple remains mostly silent. Mackenzie the writer may have a future novel, even a biography to provide a retrospective on current events. Given his richest man in the world status, Jeff Bezos has numerous biographies, official and otherwise, but all require updates on his marital status. In a public commentary, her own Twitter page, Mackenzie offers some occasional insights into her current state of mind, like:

“Hoping to find a true partner this time around.” Mackenzie Bezos
(So reads her Twitter bio introduction)
Mackenzie Bezos (@_MackenzieBezos) | Twitter

As of January 2019, Mackenzie Bezos (the TWITTER edition) has over 4,100 Twitter followers and has given that flock plenty to read with almost 70 thousand tweets since 2015. Keep in mind that this is an unverified account, so the source is in question.

Scrolling through the @_MackenzieBezos Twitter feed, the reader may catch the way her mind is working; how she is processing developments in her life with typographical ruminating, tweets, and retweets on what she observes, what she reads and sees from the perspective of her uncommon life amid a common development she would have never expected the entire world to know.

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