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Word came today via the newly verified TWITTER account @mackenziebezos about the final divorce terms for Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos. Surprising to some are the terms that derive to Mackenzie 25% of the Amazon stock worth about $137 billion, making her the fourth most wealthy woman in the world, according to this report.

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Love a rich life, the overcrowded life to hate. Believe in rumination and gain twice the beauty of all things when given of the time to ruminate ~ Anais Nin (paraphrased)

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By choice of marriage, MacKenzie (Mac) became a popular* hostess at And given a first name that sounds like a last, destiny followed with the role of nurturing matriarch for an amazing internet domain. Identity found: history says Mac was one of the first employees of Cadabra, also known as AMAZON and she helped author the URL that survives as an active company link stored in the worldwide domain registry archives. * Mac could not prevent the popularity as the co-creator of the domain and the spouse of the company founder.

Without fanfare, Mac’s first job was as a companion, driver, and navigator. And so Amazon was born. Mackenzie and Jeff flew to Texas to borrow a car from his father, and then they drove to Seattle. Bezos was making revenue projections in the passenger seat the whole way, though the couple did stop to watch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. While in transit, Jeff and Mac literally jump-started their life and book-selling fictional enterprise during transit from the USA Right Coast to the Left Coast in 1993.

Burning fuel at the rate of $1.17 per gallon for some 1,700 miles, the newlyweds drove on nonrenewable energy and a passion for their enterprising dream. Read their story to learn Jeff and MacKenzie Tuttle Bezos met in 1992 when they were both employees at the New York City hedge fund D.E. Shaw. Jeff worked his way up to senior vice president at the firm while MacKenzie worked there as a research associate. Numerous  SocialCurrentSee®  accounts of their married life reveal that Jeff always said, “she is very smart!” MacKenzie the introvert; Jeff an extrovert to explain his entrepreneurial bent.

Now, Mackenzie S. Bezos, 49, is an American novelist, published but not widely, even though her works sell on Amazon. In 2014, she founded the anti-bullying organization Bystander Revolution and serves as executive director of that group today. In 1993, MacKenzie married Jeff Bezos, who later became the founder and CEO of Amazon, eventually making them the richest couple in the world. They announced their intent to divorce in January 2019.

Ironically, the message Mackenzie Bezos cast for the anti-bullying cause may have had a partial origin with the husband Jeff Bezos, once known as a leadership tyrant during the early Amazon days, but an iconic entrepreneur today that has learned deference and patience, possibly much from MacKenzie. Yet, the common definition of relentless may also enlighten the reason for this mission.

Only in this enlightened era of ubiquitous SocialCurrentSee® can one expect such archives of rumination, whatever your source of social media.

A footnote for this subject is the pervasive hyper story about family divorce for the opening quarter of 2019, the Jeff and MacKenzie (Tuttle) Bezos breakup. The upper case status of this story eventually will document a legendary account of how the couple split up something north of $140B and the fallout of that union for the world’s largest online retail enterprise, AMAZON. Reportedly, some investors in that domain worry even if the couple is not. What could they possibly worry about.

As common as divorce is today (something just shy of 50% of marriages ends this way in the USA in 2019), it is not every day that a high-profile divorce story like the AMAZON founding couple breakup makes the headlines.

The media attention given the Bezos misfortune (forgive the pejorative attribution) will extend for some time with internet and mainstream media giving both tawdry and telling accounts of how the couple navigates this phase of life. Their “upper case” status will ensure few details unreported while millions of other divorce situations plod along in the “lower case” realm.

Mackenzie Bezos is a published author and novelist but that side of her life has some curious anonymity outside elite circles. A natural introvert, she is obviously not depending upon income from her writings. Not now at least. In contrast, the Jeff Bezos story captures more attention than almost any mega-billionaire in the world today and the column inches are only rising.  Although he owns many media outlets (including the Washington Post), Jeff Bezos needs no publicity boost. In fact, President Donald Trump may rank as the most prolific promoter of the Bezos brand and you can’t gain a media profile creator more notable than that.

Her 2013 work, “Traps,” is about three women, at first about as disconnected as one could imagine, and each in her own way striking, even riveting. “In very few words and only a few scenes, dialogue and secondary characters ringing true and three-dimensional, I found myself curious about each character as a person,” wrote one book reviewer on Mac’s Amazon page.

Despite the recent events in the Bezos marriage, sources may speculate the title of this work was potentially prophetic. Now, the pending accounts of the Bezos divorce will mirror the stories of many other famous disunions (literature and the press are full of these).  Unreported will be millions of lower case divorce stories of the pedestrian, plebeian type, one of which is the subject of the journal to follow.

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The Bezos family rift will get much-heralded attention in mainstream and social media, but millions of others facing the same family drama would ask anonymity.  Details of their case are not common interest developments.

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