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A year after net neutrality’s repeal, the fight continues
CNET – Nancy Pelosi – Dec 14, 2:02 PM

CNET Editors’ Note: “We’ve asked the FCC to share their perspective on net neutrality, and will publish their commentary when it becomes available. Since its origin as a resource for scientists, the internet has grown to become the heartbeat of American… ”

Comment By Mike Foxworth The FCC’s net neutrality repeal left the market for broadband internet access virtually lawless, giving internet
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Dee Dee and I, now retired since January 2010, are thankfully enjoying our early retirement years because of the successful treatment from MCL (see notes that follow). In late October 2011 we changed our home residence for the 20th time in 40 years…

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Amazon faces boycott ahead of holidays as public discontent grows
NUZZELThe Guardian – Jana Kasperkevic – Dec 17 – The holiday season is all about spending the time with your loved ones and, judging by most office mailrooms, shopping on Amazon. Last year, 76% of Americans who shopped online for Christmas gifts said that they planned to do most of that…

Surprise! The Largest U.S. Pension Fund Just Bought These 2 Marijuana Stocks
NUZZELThe Motley Fool – Keith Speights – Dec 16, 1:31 PMWhen big institutional investors pour money into marijuana stocks, you know the cannabis industry has hit the big time. And that’s what has happened. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) filed its report of holdings with the…
Army to boost troops with retired soldiers
NUZZEL Home –Allied Newspapers Ltd – Dec 17 The Armed
Forces of Malta will be strengthening the ranks through the
recruitment of retired army officers who will be able to work on a part-time basis. Emulating what the police have done, the AFM will give the opportunity to those who choose to…
Essential California: Some L.A. pensions are so huge they
exceed IRS limits, costing millions extra
NUZZELThe Daily Digest – Dec 17, 3:30 AMGood morning,
and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Monday,
Dec. 17, and here’s what’s happening across California: Dozens of retired Los Angeles employees are collecting such generous
retirement pay that they exceed pension fund…
GM Canada’s main pension plan hits fully funded status
NUZZELThe Globe and Mail – David Milstead – Dec 16, 2:00
The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Institutional
Investment Reporter The primary pension at General Motors of
Canada Co. erased a multibillion-dollar deficit and…
GUEST EDITORIAL: Pensions keep Illinois in fiscal turmoil 
NUZZELHeartland Newsfeed – Guest Poster – Dec 16, 4:42 PMGoodbye to Illinois’ $130 billion pension hole. Now it’s $133
billion. And getting deeper. Sometimes the clearest warning
about Illinois’ fiscal crisis can be communicated using numbers,
sometimes with a well-chosen phrase. Here we present both, as…
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